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Stronsay Life

Stronsay is an island in Orkney, Scotland situated to the North of the British Isles. Stronsay is part of an extensive group of Islands where the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea meet, known as the Orkney Islands. Stronsay's shape is irregular and its name originates from the Old Norse for Star Island. Stronsay is one of the inhabited islands in the Orkneys.


Stronsay Life

Life on Stronsay in some ways is similar to life on the Scottish Mainland, and in many ways daily life on Stronsay is very, very different. Here are some websites that offer an insight into what it is like to live on Stronsay Island.


Stronsay Junior High School

Stronsay Junior High School is situated in the middle of the Island of Stronsay. There are currently 65 pupils enrolled at the school (April 2009).

Stronsay Junior High School enrols pupils from 3 to 16 years of age.

Stronsay Junior High School Website - (Hi School! Can you find room for a link back to Stronsay.Com from your website? - Thanks!)


Stronsay Development Trust

The Stronsay Development Trust is a community based organisation that promotes the sustainability of the community of Stronsay. The Stronsay Development Trust has sub-groups that address the important issues of; The Stronsay Community; Housing, Transport and Services on Stronsay; Renewables and Recycling on Stronsay; Stronsay Heritage; Stronsay Amenities; and Stronsay Economic Development.

Current projects led by the Stronsay Development Trust include a new play area in Whitehall, and the restoration of a lifeboat from the SS Athenia which was sunk on the first day of the Second World War.

The Stronsay Development Trust website (see direct link below) is well laid out and very accessible - it gives an insight into life on Stronsay as well as providing the Stronsay Islanders with a much needed resource base for their own community life on the island.

Stronsay Development Trust Website - (Hi Stronsay Development Trust! Can you find room for a link back to Stronsay.Com from your website? - Thanks!)


Orkney Communities

The Orkney Communities website offers community groups in Orkney the opportunity to develop and enhance their online presence.

The Orkney Communities website (see direct link below) is vibrant and rapidly developing. Check it out for an insight into the many groups and organisations that are based on Stronsay and elsewhere in the Orkney Islands.

Orkney Communities Website - (Hi Orkney Communities! Can you find room for a link back to Stronsay.Com from your website? - Thanks!)

Orkney Tourist Board | BBC Weather Forecast for Kirkwall, Orkney Islands.


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